Human beings are, well, human. They make mistakes. When I was a newspaper editor and gave the order, "Roll the presses," I knew that somewhere in the paper, someone (sometimes me), somehow, wrote or edited something that was inaccurate. I just didn't know where. But when we found out—usually from an angry, upset, or eye-rolling reader—we ran a correction. The same thing with After Yorktown. Here are the mistakes I've found so far in the hardback edition. Mea culpa. Please contact me if you find more.


These corrections refer only to the 2015 hardbound edition. They have been fixed in the 2016 paperback.


25—Grasse wanted to be in the Caribbean after the hurricane season, not during it

50—In the second reference, Craig’s first name should be James, not John. The first reference is correct.

93—Cornwallis referred to Marion’s “threats,” not his “treats”

130—The 1763 proclamation was “unenforceable,” not “enforceable.”

137—The chapter title has Walter Butler’s incorrect rank. He was a captain. The text is correct.

147—The reference to “Caldwell” is a first reference and refers to William Caldwell.

234—Admiral Hood was never knighted; a younger cousin with the same name who became a vice-admiral was knighted.

270—This first reference to Churchill refers to the river, not the town that was built across the river from Fort Prince of Wales in 1783.

301—Admiral Córdoba’s first name was Luis, not Juan.

343—Germain resigned when Carleton was named commander in chief and the king agreed to independence for America, not when Carleton became an aide de camp.