Election 2022


Those of you who have been reading my election picks for a while know that I rarely recommend Republicans or third-party candidates because the dogcatcher you elect today is the U.S. senator of tomorrow.


And now, it’s come to pass, thanks in part of lefty ideologues.


• We’ll never know for sure if the 97,421 votes that Ralph Nader got in Florida in 2000 threw the election to George W. Bush, and his subsequent appointments of John Roberts and Samuel Alito. What we do know is that Al Gore lost Florida by 537 votes.

• We’ll never know for sure how many Bernie Sanders supporters sat out the 2016 election because they didn’t think Hillary was pure enough. But we do know that Hillary lost Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by less than 0.75% of the vote. That election brought us Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Barrett.
• We also don’t know the number of votes siphoned off from Hillary because people like Nader and the nationally prominent “progressive” Kshama Sawant (of Seattle) told their supporters that there’s no difference between the parties.
• We do know that people begged Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire after her many cancer treatments. She was too arrogant and narcissistic to do so.
• And we do know that because Republicans controlled the Senate, they refused to confirm President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland eight months before the election, but hypocritically rushed through the confirmation of Barrett just six weeks before another election. Now, Republicans say if they re-take the Senate this fall, they won’t act on any Biden nominations.


You guys thought I was kidding when I said the most important thing to consider in elections is the Supreme Court?


The Republican justices—and make no mistake, they are Republican justices, not impartial justices—ruled last month that Big Government has every right to interfere with a woman’s control of her own body—but every right to interfere with local governments regulating guns. The Republican justices also ruled that a public-school coach can impose his Christian religion on his public-school students—so long as he does it subtly.


What’s next? 


Republican justice and accused sexual harasser Clarence Thomas was explicit: Allowing states to ban gay marriage. Ban birth control. Ban certain sexual practices among consenting adults.


So what do people do if they believe in privacy rights? If they believe that contraception should be available in all 50 states? If they don’t want to roll back gay marriage? If they don’t want other peoples’ religions imposed on them?


First, give money to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.


Then, vote.


Vote for Democrats. Reject Republicans. The only good Republican is a defeated Republican, and even then, they spread their poison and lies.


Vote straight Democratic. Vote middle-of-the-road Democratic in swing districts so we can attract disaffected ex-Republicans who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 


What follows are my picks for the Washington primary on Aug. 2.



Don’s election picks: Aug. 2, 2022 Washington state primary


U.S. Senate

Patty Murray. Some 19 candidates are running. Every single one of them except for Patty is nuts, vague, or incompetent, or thinks vaccines are a conspiracy and climate change is a hoax. 


The most-endorsed Republican says the 2020 election raised issues of fraud. Obviously, she doesn’t really believe that; she's only saying it so she gets Trump’s endorsement. Another Republican candidate opposes expansion of light rail to the Eastside. Apparently, he’s unaware that voters approved the expansion, the tracks and stations are built, and it will open next year. Another, an Eastern Washington minister, wants to impose his religion on other people; oh, and by the way, Jesus supported the Second Amendment. Another candidate wants the U.S. to adopt Bitcoin as our national currency. How’s that working out for El Salvador? Another candidate wants to put us back on the gold standard. Another wants to abolish the Fed. Another brags that he is the “only-ever simultaneously licensed” doctor, lawyer, CPA, patent agent, general contractor, and high-tech CEO. I admit, though, that one of the lefty candidates wears a great tee shirt: “Vaccines cause adults.”



District 1: Suzan DelBene

District 2: Rick Larsen


District 3 (Vancouver area): Jaime Herrera Butler. Yes, she’s a Republican, but she’s one of the few Republicans still living who has integrity and voted to impeach Trump. She’s under intense pressure right now from lying hypocrites, and if she makes it through the primary, I’ll support the Democrat (assuming one makes it) in November. But sometimes, you just have to vote for someone because they’re decent, honest human beings. Please tell any friends and family who live in the Vancouver area to support Jaime.


District 4 (Tri-Cities): Dan Newhouse. See my comments for District 3 above. He’s running against the likes of the wacko (and well-funded) Loren Culp, who lost his race for governor two years ago in a landslide—by 13.5 percentage points—then whined that the election was rigged.


District 5 (Spokane area): Natasha Hill. She’s running against the right-wing extremist incumbent, as well as another Democrat, but she seems to have the endorsement momentum.


District 6: Derek Kilmer

District 7: Pramila Jayapal

District 8:  Kim Shrier

District 9: Adam Smith

District 10: Marilyn Strickland.


Secretary of State

Steve Hobbs. Most of his opponents are nuts or election deniers or running as a lark. The only reasonable opponent that Hobbs faces is Julie Anderson, the Pierce County auditor. But why fix something that ain’t broke?


State legislature

Democrats. We simply can’t risk that any Republican state legislator runs for higher office and succeeds. 


Here are endorsements where two or more Democrats are running against each other:


House of Representatives

Dist. 22, Pos. 1: Beth Doglio

Dist. 22, Pos. 2: Jessica Bateman

Dist. 24, Pos. 2: Steve Tharinger

Dist. 29, Pos. 2: Sharlett Mena

Dist. 30, Pos. 2: Carey Anderson

Dist. 34, Pos. 1: Leah Griffin. Both Democratic candidates have credentials and endorsements. Griffin gets the nod because she’s a librarian, I love librarians, and she has impressive endorsements from Pro-Choice Washington, a ton of unions, and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

Dist. 34, Pos. 1: Nicole Gomez. Five candidates, all Democrats, all with credentials, all with endorsements. It’s really a toss-up.

Dist. 37, Post. 2: Chipalo Street. Has a STEM background, a degree from Brown (yes, it’s a great school), and endorsements by Brady Walkinshaw and others.

Dist. 38, Pos. 1: Julio Cortes

Dist. 39, Pos. 1: Karl de Jong

Dist. 40, Pos. 2: Alex Ramel

Dist. 42, Pos. 2: Joe Timmons

Dist. 46, Pos. 1: Gerry Pollet

Dist. 46, Pos. 2: Nina Martinez

Dist. 47, Pos. 2: Chris Stearns. A Native American, he got his law degree from Cornell and his BA from Williams (just 60 miles from UMass, my alma mater). That’s good enough for me and all his endorsers.



Dist. 31: Chris Vance. No Democrat is running, but Vance is an ex-Republican who left the party because he couldn’t stand the lies and hypocrisy.

Dist. 32: Jesse Salomon

Dist. 36: Noel Frame

Dist. 46: Javier Valdez

Dist. 47: Satwinder Kaur. “I am exhausted by extremism and divisiveness.” Many endorsements.